Alexander (Sasha) Rogachevsky
Alexander (Sasha) RogachevskyClass of 2015/2016


September 2015 – June 2016

BSBA with Finance and Marketing Majors
University of Denver
Expected Graduation Date: 
June 2016

“My internship at SDR has proved to be the most rewarding professional experience that I have had to date. Having worked at a management-consulting firm prior to this, I am able to appreciate not only the financial and technical experience that I have acquired, but also the cohesiveness and connectedness of this team. Throughout my time at SDR, I’ve been extensively exposed to multiple aspects of investment banking, from professional industry research, to the implementation of financial analysis, to the utilization of business resources. The most valuable element of this internship, in my opinion, is the fact that interns are expected to provide deliverables integral to the deals of the bank, meaning our work was relevant and valuable. Being a contributing member of the team, I now have a much clearer understanding of the daily operations and various duties distributed through a typical middle-market investment bank. This vibrant, intellectually stimulating and fast-paced environment is a great place to gain investment banking exposure and experience!”

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