Recently, SDR Vice President Jodi Burrows shared her thoughts on M&A activity and key trends within the logistics industry with the online global supply chain publication EBN. Specifically, Jodi discussed the effects of Amazon’s increased presence in the space.

“Amazon’s move to become a fiercer participant within the logistics space may force electronics competitors to enhance their product and service offerings, as well as potentially reduce their prices,” Jodi stated.

Logistics Industry - ShippingAmazon has been gearing up to significantly increase its logistics industry presence and leverage the robotics and analytics in its warehouses for its logistics network.

It has continued to make strategic investments aimed at increasing the capacity of its multi-faceted global distribution channels.

Jodi continued to say, “Stiffer competition is forcing logistics companies to respond by investing internally or defensively acquiring companies or technologies that would provide them the capabilities necessary to compete.”

More consolidation and maneuverings are likely to continue as a result of Amazon flexing its logistics muscle.

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