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About Travis Conway

Travis Conway joined SDR in 2005 and holds his Series 79 and Series 24 securities licenses. As a Managing Director and principal partner at SDR Ventures, Travis has been the lead partner on a number of mergers and acquisitions transactions and debt and equity financings in the technology, manufacturing, distribution, professional services, healthcare and consumer industries.

Retail Giant Walmart Jumps the Moose

By Travis Conway, Managing Director, SDR Ventures

The Deal

On February 13, 2017, retailing giant Walmart announced the acquisition of Michigan-based outdoor retailer Moosejaw. In a deal valued at just $51 million, we can be certain […]

Is It Smart to Attempt an M&A Transaction on Your Own?

Many business owners will consider the use of an investment bank to help sell their company. When determining whether or not to hire an investment bank, it’s essential also to consider the pros and cons of a “do-it-yourself” (DIY) […]

New Financing Opportunities for Owners Seeking ESOPs

Recently, Travis Conway, Managing Director of SDR Ventures explained in CEOWORLD Magazine how new financing options are making employee stock ownership a potentially attractive alternative for those looking to sell their business. In the article, Travis […]

Middle-Market M&A Recap

While Activity Spiked in 2014, 2015 Numbers Were Still Strong

In a recent Forbes article, Contributor Todd Ganos recaps 2015 middle-market M&A activity and compares the data to historical figures. While year-over-year middle-market activity dropped 20% from 2014, […]

M&A in Telecom Industry Likely to Remain Active

EnterpriseTech, an online publication covering high performance computing technologies, reported that M&A activity in the telecommunications industry is expected to remain strong. The article cited SDR’s Q4 2015 Telecom M&A Report.

“A series of mergers and acquisitions […]

Proposed ABI/SABMiller Merger Facing Antitrust Objections from Brewers Association

A proposed merger agreement between world-leading beer manufacturers Budweiser, Coors and dozens of other breweries could potentially change the landscape of U.S.-based brewers. Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI) finalized a deal with British- and South African-based rival SABMiller on November 11, […]

M&A in the Food & Beverage Industry Not Slowing Down

Food Dive, an online publication covering the food industry, reported that the market for food M&A remains strong. The article cited SDR’s Q3 Food & Beverage trend report and a recent survey from EY, which showed that […]

Key Takeaways for Business Owners from the Colorado CEO Forum

Internationally recognized economist and author Brian Beaulieu detailed his short- and long-term economic outlook at the Sixteenth Annual Colorado CEO Forum. Beaulieu has been providing economic-analysis seminars to thousands of business owners and executives for the last 31 years and […]

CMF’s Spring 2015 Private Equity Survey Results Reveal Changing Market

A recent survey conducted by CMF Associates at the Association for Corporate Growth’s InterGrowth conference revealed some interesting private equity trends compared to findings from the past three years. Some of the key takeaways include:

Top 10 Middle Market M&A Trends

Whether we like it or not, tendencies and trends play an important role in business. Low oil prices have had an undesirable effect on the oil and gas industry, while low interest rates have made have made capital much […]