SDR Ventures Facilitates Glass Distributor Merger

Denver, CO – January 2009 – SDR Ventures, Inc., a Denver-based investment banking firm, announced the successful merger of Glasscraft, Inc. (“Glasscraft”) and Winship Designs, Inc. (“Winship”)

Glasscraft is one of the leading suppliers of glassblowing equipment in the country. Glasscraft carries a complete and innovative line of tools, supplies, glass rod and tubing. Winship is a distributor of Simax and Chinese borosilicate rod and tubing, and color from the following companies: Northstar, Glass Alchemy, TAG, Momka, and Origin glass.

SDR Ventures served as the exclusive advisor to Glasscraft and assisted in several aspects of the transaction, including identifying and sourcing acquisition targets, developing the client s acquisition strategies, and assisting in the discussions and negotiations with Winship.


Glasscraft, Inc. is a Colorado-based glassblowing equipment distributor. Established in 1970, the company is based at the edge of the Rocky Mountains in Golden Colorado and has a long-standing reputation for quality products and exceptional customer service. More information can be found at

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