Featured Case Study – Sell Side Advisory

HealthTran LLC

Pharmacy Benefit Management / Information Technology

SDR’s Small Deals Become a Big Deal

HealthTran LLC (“HealthTrans”), a pharmacy benefit management (“PBM”) company, headquartered in Greenwood Village, CO, provided information technology solutions to deliver a wide range of healthcare transaction management services that effectively managed pharmacy and medical expenditures.

In 2002, SDR and HealthTrans began working together, and over the next decade SDR has acted as a strategic consultant, trusted transaction advisor and confidant to the HealthTrans team. During the years that SDR worked closely with the company, HealthTrans grew from 18 employees in 2004 to 263 in 2011.

Throughout the ten year span SDR provided services to HealthTrans for 10 separate transactions including 3 acquisitions, 4 financings, 2 shareholder recaps culminating in the sale of the company in January 2012. Using its industry expertise and familiarity with HealthTrans, SDR served as sell-side advisor throughout the transaction, which resulted in the 12th largest healthcare deal in 2011 and a tremendous win for the HealthTrans shareholders.