Thanks again to those that participated in the survey and contributed to the production of meaningful results.

 Q2 2012 Theme – “Projected Results”

Based on survey results, SDR notes most of our clients and contacts compare performance against expected results.   An overwhelming 71% of respondents say that they benchmark results based on expectations, while only 8% do not benchmark at all. Additionally, 52% of respondents reported that they measure against past results, 27% use peers as a reference point, while 17% benchmark against public comparables and the remaining 2% use other methods.

It was also noted that aside from the fact that 8% don’t benchmark, 46% of respondents use multiple methods for benchmarking.  Patterns were discovered in those that use multiple methods, for example, 59% of those respondents that  benchmark against expected results also benchmark against past results.

Last quarter’s poll showed that a large majority of our clients and contacts are on track to meet their 2012 goals. Whether they are basing it on past results, expected results or various other methods respondents are on target for their 2012 plan.