More businesses are for sale than ever, but 8 things can dog a deal

The Denver Post | Business

Being good at building a strong business doesn’t mean you have the chops to structure and close a merger

Gary Miller - Sell your businessBy Gary […]

Know the differing goals of strategic, financial buyers before selling

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Knowing the key differences in the way these two groups think can help improve your chances of a successful outcome

Gary Miller - Sell your businessBy […]

Key Takeaways for Business Owners from the Colorado CEO Forum

Internationally recognized economist and author Brian Beaulieu detailed his short- and long-term economic outlook at the Sixteenth Annual Colorado CEO Forum. Beaulieu has been providing economic-analysis seminars to thousands of business owners and executives for the last 31 years and […]

Ready to sell your business? Strike before market conditions change

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Gary Miller: Waiting for your operation’s value to increase is a gamble — at best

Gary Miller - Sell your businessBy Gary Miller – Managing Director, Consulting […]

Video Insights for Business Owners and Featured Article in “Lifestyle Entrepreneur Magazine”

SDR Ventures Director Karl Edmunds has shared his latest insights and tips for business owners in the video interview below and in the summer edition of Lifestyle Entrepreneur Magazine. In this interview, Karl discusses the importance of […]

Want to grow the company? There may be extra cash in the balance sheet

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M&A advisor Gary Miller says finding cash in processes and inventory beats borrowing

Gary MillerBy Gary Miller – Managing Director, Consulting Division, SDR Ventures

I am often asked […]

Caution: How Exit Advisor Fee Structures May Influence or Change the Business Selling Process in Unexpected Ways

Karl EdmundsBy Karl Edmunds – Director, SDR Ventures

The end game is upon you and you are diligently trying to find just the right exit advisory firm to represent you in […]

Executive’s Desk: Before raising capital, research sources, pitfalls

Albuquerque Journal

Gary MillerBy Gary Miller – Managing Director, Consulting Division, SDR Ventures

Lacking sufficient capital to grow is the major constraint for most small- and middle-market companies. To reach the […]