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SDR’s Chris Bouck Provides Insights into Colorado’s Appeal for Financial Services Employees

As the Denver Business Journal’s Monica Mendoza reports, real-estate agents in Denver are significantly out-earning the national average, while Denver financial services wages are falling below the national mark. Yet as the article explains, the common thread between both trends may be the same: millennials moving to Denver.

Ultimately, Colorado has become a very desirable place to live, and work. The real-estate market is hot, leading to success in that sector, and the influx of millennials into Colorado has set up a unique situation in the financial services industry.

While Denver has been labeled the “Wall Street of the West,” its culture offers distinctive advantages over New York and other large cities. The result: vast appeal for millennials.

As SDR’s Chris Bouck states in the article, “Millennials are about work-life blend. For millennials, pay is not the score card it was for

[Baby] Boomers.” As Bouck states, 80-hour work weeks are simply “not for the millennials.”

Additionally, since most financial services sectors are concentrated in major cities, cost of living must be factored into the equation when comparing national wages. As the article states, Denver’s cost of living is still lower than other big cities in the U.S., despite the recent rise in home prices.

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