Dennis Tourville
Dennis TourvilleClass of 2014/2015


September 2014 – March 2015

Master of Science in Finance (MSF)
University of Denver
Expected Graduation Date: 
June 2015
Undergraduate Studies: Northern Michigan University

“My experience as an intern at SDR has been very rewarding and intellectually challenging. Coming into the internship I had no investment banking experience and in just three and a half months I have been exposed much more than I would have ever expected – from numerous deals in the pitch phase to those that have closed. It wasn’t uncommon for me to research key industry metrics for one deal, perform financial analysis for another deal, and to construct a potential buyer list for a third deal all in one day. My favorite part of my internship has to be the people I work with. Everyone at SDR comes from diverse and non-traditional backgrounds which have helped enhance my learning experience. Going into 2015, I look forward to continuing my internship at SDR and further expanding my understanding of the investment banking process.”

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