What kind of companies can SDR Ventures help?

SDR helps numerous types of privately held companies. SDR professionals have owned, operated, acquired and sold companies in the manufacturing & distribution, healthcare, technology, consumer products and business services industries. However, we are not limited to these industries and can help businesses regardless of size or type. To view a full list of companies we’ve helped, please click here.

What services does SDR offer?

SDR offers the following services for privately held companies:

  • Sell-Side Advisory: SDR specializes in complex sell-side M&A transactions. Our unique process is designed to identify the right buyer for your business. To learn more about SDR’s sell-side capabilities, please click here.
  • Buy-Side Advisory: If you are seeking to grow your company through a well-planned acquisition, SDR’s proven buy-side search process may be right for your company. Click here to read more.
  • Private Capital Formation: Our expert team can assist you in creating, evaluating and executing a capital strategy that is optimal for your business. We’ll help you implement a capital stack that supports your shareholders’ goals and facilitates growth. Get started here.
  • Strategic Business Consulting and Advisory: SDR’s business consulting services provide you with the same dedication and expertise that we bring to our M&A and private capital-raising engagements. We provide a broad range of services tailored to meet your company’s needs. Learn more.

How do I determine the right time to sell my company?

A lot goes into the decision to sell a business, and no two situations are alike. The choice is often emotional, and it’s important for the timing to be right. We can’t say what the market will look like in the coming years, but we do know that a unique window of opportunity exists right now. Visit our services page to read about the current state of the market. You can also visit the SDR blog and read, “The Window for Privately Held and Family Businesses.”

What are potential buyers looking for in a business?

While each situation is unique, buyers are generally looking for revenue growth over time and profitability. There are; however, steps you can start taking right now to help assure that your company is well positioned in advance of its sale. Read our blog post, “Seven Moves That Smart Companies Are Making” to learn more.

How can I determine what my company is worth?

SDR Ventures offers enterprise valuations as part of our suite of services. We can give you a clear idea of what your company will likely sell for in advance of starting a transaction process. Additionally, when you engage SDR’s sell-side services, calculating the potential sale price of a company is always one of the first steps. To read why it’s important to start the valuation process early, please visit our blog.

Is now a good time to buy a business?

We believe it is. With an unprecedented influx of baby-boomer retirements underway, the supply of businesses for sale is likely to keep increasing. This means more opportunities and options for buyers. Whether you’re looking to make a strategic or financial acquisition, finding the “right fit” is crucial. SDR’s proven buy-side process will target the right company to meet your needs and we’ll help you negotiate favorable deal terms so you know you’re optimizing purchase value.

Why do some transactions fail to close?

With a minimum of two parties involved, and a long, often intensive process in motion, it’s not uncommon for roadblocks to arise. However, experienced investment banks are adept at navigating the transaction process, and will be there to advise and guide you every step of the way. To find out which common pitfalls to avoid, read SDR’s “Top 10 Ways a Transaction Can Go Wrong.”

How do I find investment capital to help grow my company?

It has been our experience that most companies do not plan for growth capital early enough in the growth and expansion period of their companies. They often underestimate both the amount of capital they need and amount of time that it takes to realize their financial goals. As a result, they are not prepared to approach investors because they do not have a well-conceived growth plan and they have not thought through an exit plan for the investors.

SDR Ventures takes you through a process to prepare your company and your management team to “think” like an investor. We lead you through a holistic process to prepare you for the investor marketplace.  By the end of this process, you will have gone through a robust due-diligence process, created a strong growth plan with realistic financials and developed an exit plan for your investors. This process is the first step in successfully raising capital.

To learn more about our private capital formation services, please click here.