Thanks again to those that participated in the survey and contributed to the production of meaningful results.


Q4 2010 Theme – “Optimism Abounds”

Based on survey results, SDR notes a clear sign of optimism amongst our clients and contacts.  With over 3/4 of those polled indicating that they will be hiring in 2011, we are seeing a continuation of the optimism expressed in our Q3 Survey.

You may recall my previous blog calling for a jobless recovery.  Comments like “we are in the midst of a ‘jobless recovery,'” may leave me eating crow by year-end.   I fully expected the survey to reflect the exact opposite response whereby 75% of all respondents would not be hiring in 2011 and would be focused on doing more with less.

Whether 2011 brings a jobless recovery or a job-filled recovery remains to be seen.  Given the amount of sidelined talent I know (both personally and professionally), I will gladly eat crow…it probably tastes like chicken.

Pass the salt!