Ian O'Kelly
Ian O'KellyClass of 2019/2020


June 2020 – August 2020

BA in Economics
Colgate University
Expected Graduation Date: 
May 2021

“My time at SDR Ventures has provided me with an introduction to investment banking that is unmatched in terms of the depth of my involvement in engagements, the critical finance skills I have learned, and the fantastic culture at the office. Working with a tightly-knit team on middle-market deals has provided me with a genuine sense of ownership over my work, and an understanding of how my contributions fit within the bigger picture of each engagement process. This understanding of how I and my fellow interns add legitimate value to the deal team is an incredibly unique experience that would be hard to find at many other places but SDR. I am certain that my time at SDR has not only given me a robust technical foundation for my financial career, but also provided me with an enthusiasm for the industry that will propel me forward in the coming years.”

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