SDR’s Quarterly Industry Reports Provide Valuable Information for Your Business

SDR Ventures is pleased to present our Q4 2015 Quarterly Industry Reports to help you recognize important trends and understand what recent M&A activity may mean for your business in 2016.

Through our examination of transaction data, analysis of industry publication insights and public company disclosures, SDR creates detailed reports for ten specific industries. We provide quality understanding into the changing marketplace and help put 2016 M&A sector outlooks into perspective. These reports are also an excellent way for professional advisors and exit planners to keep a watchful eye on the market trends that directly impact the value of their clients’ businesses. Please follow the links below to read each Q4 2015 quarterly industry report:

Pet Quarterly Industry Report



If you’d like to have any (or all) of these reports automatically emailed to you quarterly, please CLICK HERE and select the industries that are of most interest to you or your clients. In addition, you can read past reports by visiting our Report Repository.