Kapil Gopal
Kapil GopalClass of 2014/2015


September 2014 – December 2014

MBA – Finance
University of Denver
Expected Graduation Date:
June 2015

“On a daily basis, I worked with Analysts, VPs, Directors, and even Principals to gain hands-on investment banking exposure through transactions ranging from mergers and acquisitions to capital formation. From day one, I noticed that SDR’s senior members did a great job at leveling the playing field and shying away from the traditional hierarchy of positions that many have come to expect when working an internship. No need to make coffee for your supervisors at SDR, instead, interns are expected to share the workload of even the most senior members and become a critical support to all investment banking processes. There’s no better way to learn than to dive right in, and the team at SDR does an impeccable job of fostering an environment that allows their interns to thrive. I can honestly say that my internship at SDR has provided me with an invaluable learning experience and has opened the doors to many exciting opportunities looking forward.”

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