Linsen Sun
Linsen SunClass of 2015/2016


August 2015 – November 2015

Master of Science in Finance
University of Denver

“The experience at SDR is extremely valuable; it pushed me into a position where I was able to face real-world projects and challenging tasks. The internship will make you familiar with the investment banking industry and the job responsibilities really quickly because you need to learn and digest fast to catch up with the working process. SDR analysts are always willing to mentor and help you on the questions you have and make sure you are able to meet deadlines. After working on several projects, you will most likely find yourself to be more effective and efficient in information searching, screen building, report summarizing and building up presentation slides. SDR is a place you can combine the knowledge you learned in class with practical practice. The work requires you to be detail-oriented, team-oriented and have a really solid financial background. I learned a ton from this job and really can tell the difference from before and after the work experience.”

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