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Cassie Dobos
Cassie DobosAnalyst


About Cassie

Cassie Dobos joined SDR Ventures as part of SDR’s intern program in 2015. Now, as an Analyst, she is involved in financial analysis, market research, as well as helping create marketing materials and valuations for mergers and acquisitions across many industries.

Cassie previously worked on the Comcast Assurance and Advisory Team (CAAT) as part of the Comcast Finance Internship Program. She helped the FinOps team assess processes, controls and fraud risk to improve the effectiveness of Comcast’s cable operations. While earning her degree, she also worked as a Teaching Assistant, leading labs focused on Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Cassie earned her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the University of Denver in 2016. She is passionate about exploring different countries, trying out new restaurants and taking advantage of Colorado’s many hiking trails.

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Cassie is a graduate of the SDR Intern Program, Class of 2015/2016.

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