SDR commentary on highlights role of human resources in acquisitions

A recent issue of HR Strategy and Planning Excellence, a publication of, featured an article from SDR Vice President, Anthony Wong.

In his column, Anthony notes the increasing prevalence of “acqui-hires” — full company acquisitions designed to snare employees and their skillsets. “In many cases, acquisitions for talent are not a factor of differentiation, but a necessity for survival,” he writes.

HR Strategy: Acqui-HiresHe also points out demographic changes that are forcing companies to be more cognizant of their talent needs. Low unemployment, for instance, has made finding talent more challenging, and millennials continue to replace aging baby boomers in the workforce.

Anthony concludes his column by emphasizing the importance of human resources professionals in talent-driven acquisitions, noting their “role in making sure there is a seamless merger between the acquirer and the target.”

To read Anthony’s full commentary, check out the latest issue of HR Strategy and Planning Excellence on