Beverage World

Industry driven by consumer preference for health, functionality and convenience

The latest issue of Beverage World magazine features commentary from our own Ben Rudman on the state of the non-alcoholic beverage industry. In the article, Ben identifies current trends that he believes will continue to play a role in future industry growth.

Beverage World: Consumers Drive M&ABen notes that health and fitness drinks have increased in popularity in recent years, as consumers have started paying more attention to their health. The growing popularity of coconut water could mean that we see increased demand for beverages with similar nutritional value, such as maple and watermelon water. Additionally, high protein shakes and “meal replacement” beverages present major opportunity, as demand continues to rise.

Another trend Ben highlights is the rise of “functional beverages” with benefits such as high fiber and protein. These drinks tend to use Stevia as sweetener, which makes them lighter in calories. This trend drove Dr. Pepper’s 2012 purchase of a minority stake in Bai Brands, which produces antioxidant-infused beverages.

“Today’s consumers are looking for health and convenience,” Ben says. Companies that pay attention to these trends, while also meeting key criteria in terms of what the consumer believes is important, will likely continue to thrive.

To read Ben’s full commentary, check out the latest issue of Beverage World.