Video Insights for Business Owners and Featured Article in “Lifestyle Entrepreneur Magazine”

SDR Ventures Director Karl Edmunds has shared his latest insights and tips for business owners in the video interview below and in the summer edition of Lifestyle Entrepreneur Magazine. In this interview, Karl discusses the importance of market-based business valuations, […]

Detailed Prep Work Can Help Streamline Business Sale

Albuquerque Journal Monday, May 25, 2015

Gary MillerBy Gary Miller – Managing Director, Consulting Division, SDR Ventures

A crisis is looming on the horizon for business owners wanting to sell their […]

The Window for Privately Held and Family Businesses

The expected increase in M&A activity involving privately held businesses is underway. According to a recent article in Inside Counsel, “the favorable M&A market conditions of cash-rich companies, increased consolidation, need for business growth, strong balance sheets, limited opportunities for organic growth, […]

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