What Private Equity’s Huge Capital Pile Means for Business Owners

The “capital superabundance” in private equity is having profound effects on the market

Private equity (PE) firms have an enormous amount of capital that is sitting on the sidelines. Estimates of global private equity “dry powder” totaled nearly $1.5 trillion in 2016, which […]

Ready to sell your business? Strike before market conditions change

The Denver Post Business

Gary Miller: Waiting for your operation’s value to increase is a gamble — at best

Gary Miller - Sell your businessBy Gary Miller – Managing Director, Consulting Division, […]

BEWARE: Deal Killers Can Suck the Life Out of a Successful Business Exit

Karl EdmundsBy Karl Edmunds – Director, SDR Ventures

At a high level, starting and executing the process for the successful sale of a business seems rather simple. How hard can it be? Set a […]

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