The Benefits of Conducting a Quality of Earnings Study

The key to selling a business is high quality positioning. As your investment banker, we want to tell a clear and accurate story to the market, making sure that the intrinsic and extrinsic elements of value in your business are clearly understood. […]

Three Accepted Methods for Taking the Guesswork Out of Business Valuations

The Denver Post Business

Setting a Value Before a Sale is as Much Art as it is Science

Gary Miller - Sell your businessBy Gary Miller – Managing Director, […]

Conscious Consumers Driving Beverage Industry M&A Activity

Beverage World

The latest issue of Beverage World magazine features commentary from SDR Director Ben Rudman on the state of the beverage industry as it experiences a growing “conscious-consumer movement.” In the article, Ben discusses the […]

Middle-Market M&A Recap

While Activity Spiked in 2014, 2015 Numbers Were Still Strong

In a recent Forbes article, Contributor Todd Ganos recaps 2015 middle-market M&A activity and compares the data to historical figures. While year-over-year middle-market activity dropped 20% from 2014, 2015 was actually […]

Industry Reviews, Market Insights and 2016 Outlook – Now Available!

SDR’s Quarterly Industry Reports Provide Valuable Information for Your Business

SDR Ventures is pleased to present our Q4 2015 Quarterly Industry Reports to help you recognize important trends and understand what recent M&A activity may mean for your business in 2016.

Through our examination of […]

Top 10 Middle Market M&A Trends

Whether we like it or not, tendencies and trends play an important role in business. Low oil prices have had an undesirable effect on the oil and gas industry, while low interest rates have made have made capital much more accessible for […]

Global M&A Forecasted to Keep Heating Up

According to the Intralinks “Deal Flow Predictor,” global announced mergers and acquisitions (M&A) volume for the first half of 2015 will likely be 9 to 15 percent higher than the first half of 2014. The Deal Flow Predictor tracks early-stage M&A globally […]