Free Download – Pet Industry Primer Examines Key Business Owner Decisions and Provides an Industry Snapshot

In anticipation of the inaugural Pets & Money Summit this December, we’ve prepared a pet industry primer that is designed to help pet business owners consider where to focus their efforts over the coming months and years. The guide is available for […]

What Private Equity’s Huge Capital Pile Means for Business Owners

The “capital superabundance” in private equity is having profound effects on the market

Private equity (PE) firms have an enormous amount of capital that is sitting on the sidelines. Estimates of global private equity “dry powder” totaled nearly $1.5 trillion in 2016, which […]

Axial Forum Article Explores Pet Industry M&A and Investment Outlook

SDR’s Jodi Burrows Provides Insights and Data on Pet Industry M&A and Private Equity Interest

In a recent article on the Axial Forum, author Nora Zhou interviewed SDR Ventures’ VP Jodi Burrows to gain her perspective on strong pet […]

The Benefits of Conducting a Quality of Earnings Study

The key to selling a business is high quality positioning. As your investment banker, we want to tell a clear and accurate story to the market, making sure that the intrinsic and extrinsic elements of value in your business are clearly understood. […]

New Financing Opportunities for Owners Seeking ESOPs

Recently, Travis Conway, Managing Director of SDR Ventures explained in CEOWORLD Magazine how new financing options are making employee stock ownership a potentially attractive alternative for those looking to sell their business. In the article, Travis discusses the benefits […]

Sluggish Market Sends Investors Looking for Alternatives

The Denver Post Business

With interest rates currently near zero, CDs, bonds and banks aren’t providing attractive yields.

Gary Miller By Gary Miller – Managing Director, Consulting Division, SDR Ventures

It is […]

Bull Market Euphoria Can Be High Risk for Retiring Business Owners

Karl EdmundsBy Karl Edmunds – Director, SDR Ventures

The overall economy continues to experience one of the longest bull-market cycles of all time.  Many pundits in the late 90s began to speculate that a […]

CMF’s Spring 2015 Private Equity Survey Results Reveal Changing Market

A recent survey conducted by CMF Associates at the Association for Corporate Growth’s InterGrowth conference revealed some interesting private equity trends compared to findings from the past three years. Some of the key takeaways include:

  • Purchase multiples are averaging […]

The Inside Scoop from ACG’s Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference

Knowledge is power. The more you know, the better decisions you can make. At SDR Ventures, we’re always looking for ways to share our knowledge with the business community. In that spirit, here’s an insider view from the recent Rocky […]

Positive Signs that Deal Activity is Picking Up in 2015

FactSet Insight recently released its March report, showing a decrease in U.S. M&A activity for the month of February. (Source: FactSet Insight) First-quarter U.S. M&A activity experienced a slow start overall. Although private equity activity was up 10.1% from January […]