What Private Equity’s Huge Capital Pile Means for Business Owners

The “capital superabundance” in private equity is having profound effects on the market

Private equity (PE) firms have an enormous amount of capital that is sitting on the sidelines. Estimates of global private equity “dry powder” totaled nearly $1.5 trillion in 2016, which […]

Know the differing goals of strategic, financial buyers before selling

The Denver Post Business

Knowing the key differences in the way these two groups think can help improve your chances of a successful outcome

Gary Miller - Sell your businessBy Gary […]

Executive’s Desk: Before raising capital, research sources, pitfalls

Albuquerque Journal

Gary MillerBy Gary Miller – Managing Director, Consulting Division, SDR Ventures

Lacking sufficient capital to grow is the major constraint for most small- and middle-market companies. To reach the next level of […]

The Window for Privately Held and Family Businesses

The expected increase in M&A activity involving privately held businesses is underway. According to a recent article in Inside Counsel, “the favorable M&A market conditions of cash-rich companies, increased consolidation, need for business growth, strong balance sheets, limited opportunities for organic growth, […]

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