Just Released: Quarterly Industry Reports

SDR’s Q4 2017 Reports Explore Key Trends and M&A Activity in 10 Industries

The SDR Ventures team is pleased to release its Q4 2017 Quarterly Reports that span several economic sectors including consumer products, agriculture, manufacturing, business services, healthcare and technology.

In creating each […]

Top 10 Middle Market M&A Trends

Whether we like it or not, tendencies and trends play an important role in business. Low oil prices have had an undesirable effect on the oil and gas industry, while low interest rates have made have made capital much more accessible for […]

Positive Signs that Deal Activity is Picking Up in 2015

FactSet Insight recently released its March report, showing a decrease in U.S. M&A activity for the month of February. (Source: FactSet Insight) First-quarter U.S. M&A activity experienced a slow start overall. Although private equity activity was up 10.1% from January […]