We are a boutique investment bank committed to collaborating with entrepreneurs and founders across the country to unlock the true value of everything they have worked so hard to build.

We help entrepreneurs capitalize on their life’s work and build their legacy.

Empowering the Exceptional

Business ownership is the foundation of financial freedom and generational wealth. There are no shortcuts or excuses on the journey to success – especially when it comes to a liquidity or recapitalization event. We help entrepreneurs navigate the choppy waters of the M&A environment.

Only 25%

of businesses
make it this far.

Only 25% of small businesses make it – and fewer reap the rewards of an M&A process. You are one of the exceptional who persevered – and you deserve a partner who can unlock the full value of everything you have created.

That is exactly what we do for founders and entrepreneurs across America – leveraging 20 years of award-winning experience to help you maximize the value of your business as you navigate one of the most impactful and complex decisions of your life.

The SDR Difference

Selling a business is hard work. It can also be a rollercoaster of emotions – from the pride and excitement of capitalizing on your life’s work to the uncertainty of the deal closing to the vision of new possibilities that lie ahead after the sale.

We get it. Not only have we spent 20 years creating successful outcomes for clients, but we have been through the M&A process ourselves – as owners. We leverage our experience to make it easy for you – living in the trenches with you and utilizing our 3 C’s to find the right fit and close the deal: Consideration, Certainty, and Closure.

  • Our deals close 19% higher than average.
  • Structure matters just as much as the headline price.
  • Most deals are not 100% cash.

  • Our close rate is 88%.
  • Various deal studies indicate the average is 20-30%.
  • 24% of deals require moving to a 2nd option.

  • The Net is just as important as the Gross.
  • We look at the deal from all angles, your legacy and happiness matter.
  • We make sure the buyer is the right one for your situation.

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