We advocate for the unique goals of entrepreneurs, not the deal. Every single time. Many business owners and executives underestimate the value and potential of their business. We take a highly collaborative approach and offer complete M&A and investment banking services to help you explore possibilities and position your company for success, including growth planning, value creation, and exit strategies. As part of our commitment to advocating for the entrepreneur, we also provide access to our vast network of trusted experts across exit planning, tax, legal, wealth management and estate planning.

Sell Your Business

Maximize and Retain Your Value

Selling a business is challenging – SDR specializes in sell-side transactions. You’ve poured your heart, soul and time into your business. Let us pour ours into helping you sell your business and maximize the value that you created. Our deals close 19% higher than average. We will leverage 20 years of proven experience and collective expertise to help you define and achieve your goals and shape your legacy. Our sole focus is to reward your lifetime of hard work by ensuring you close the deal on your terms.

Our process is designed to identify the right buyer for your business – identifying hundreds of potential buyers and narrowing down the field until we find the optimal buyer.

You may be selling your company, but you still have a business to run. We orchestrate the moving parts, giving you the time and peace of mind to focus on your bottom line, which is critical to a successful closing.

We focus on helping you define and achieve your unique objectives regardless of the transaction structure. SDR relentlessly advocates on your behalf and works alongside you to ensure your next chapter is as thrilling as the last.

Exit Preparedness

The Right Support at the Right Time

Building, selling, and exiting a business is the entrepreneur’s journey. M&A is a climactic chapter, but only a chapter. 81% of business owners wish they spent more time planning their transition. People are always the central focus throughout the M&A process with SDR. We guide business owners before, during, and after the sale so you feel confident and prepared, leading to a Legacy of Flourish.

On average, more than 70% of a business owner’s net worth is held in the business. Gain insights into the current value of your company after assessing both tangible and intangible factors.

Only 25% of business owners are satisfied with their exit. We will identify the present factors that enhance or diminish your company’s value.

The National Transition Success Rate is between 20-30%. Our team will provide a holistic view of your business's preparedness for an exit.

Buy a Business

Grow Your Company

Your time is valuable – SDR aligns our people, processes, and databases to work for you. Whether you want to grow your business or find the right company to buy and operate, our proven and detailed buy-side search process can help you achieve your goals. Our model is driven by our proprietary target identification, outbound inquiries, and process tracking to generate responses, narrow down potential acquisition targets and close deals promptly.

Our team finds opportunities not always available in corporate-led searches – saving you the time and money of hiring a corporate development staff.

We are in the market daily, identifying businesses and business owners that are not actively selling. This will give you a distinct advantage in your acquisition search.

From the time the letter of intent is executed to the close of the transaction, we help you navigate complicated deal terms and closing details.

Capital Formation

Restructure or Raise Capital

You and your investors need a capital strategy that works – SDR can optimize results. Our integrated debt and equity capabilities enable us to provide comprehensive capital structure advice and to design and help you implement a capital stack that both supports shareholder goals and facilitates growth. We also provide an efficient and effective process focused on negotiating favorable debt or equity terms with the right capital partner.

Whether you are looking to buy out a parter or restructure your capitalization table, our team can help navigate pitfalls and ensure the equity of your business is in the right hands.

If you’re at an inflection point and need a spark to kickstart your growth, let’s collaborate to find the right strategic partner who shares your vision.

Let us leverage our relationships across the spectrum of debt and equity capital to fund your specific needs while benefiting from favorable terms.

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