Buy-Side Advisory
Utilize Our Proven Search Process

Whether you want to grow your company organically with a well-planned acquisition strategy or initiate an executive search to find the right company to buy and operate, our proven buy-side search process can help. SDR’s buy-side advisory model is driven by our unique and proprietary list creation, outbound inquiries and targeted tracking.

Outsourced Business Development Team

As business owners focused on running a successful company, we understand that sometimes you need an able and helping hand to run a detailed buy-side process. We save you the time and money involved with hiring a full-time business development team, and our principals and processes open doors of opportunity that are not always available to corporate-led searches.

Negotiate Favorable Deal Terms

From the time of the execution of the letter of intent to the close of the transaction, we use our experience to help you navigate through complicated deal terms and closing details.

Identify “Off-the-Radar” Opportunities

Let our access to professional databases and networks work for you. We are in the market daily, identifying businesses and business owners that are not actively selling. This will give you a distinct advantage in your acquisition.

Proprietary Process

Your time is valuable. Our proprietary buy-side advisory process has proven to generate responses, narrow down potential sellers and close deals in a timely manner. SDR builds you an individually customized database for each process, designed to collect and analyze the appropriate data accurately through upfront research and inbound and outbound discussions with prospects.

Additional Services

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Recent Buy-Side Transactions

Featured Buy-Side Advisory Case Study

Cohio-May-2012Private Equity

Cohio Ventures LLC

Identifying Opportunities

Cohio Ventures, LLC (“Cohio”) is private investor group based in Denver, Colorado. In 2012, Cohio asked us to identify and help them acquire a profitable Colorado-based business that had a long operating history within certain targeted industries.

We initiated a buy-side search using our proprietary method, and found a terrific match for our client’s investment wishes: Mountain Tech Manufacturing Inc., a manufacturer of precision-machined and assembled components for the healthcare and aerospace sectors. SDR served as buy-side advisor throughout the successful transaction process.