• Deal Type: Sell-Side Advisory
  • Company: Rubadue Wire
  • Industry: Industrials
  • Profile: Pioneer in the wire and cable industry having created the world’s first triple insulated wire. The Company has since expanded into a variety of multi-layer insulated wires and other value-added solutions in the wire and cable industry.
  • Founded: 1977
  • Headquarters: Greeley, CO
  • Outcome: Rubadue Wire Company completed a sale to Pelican Wire Company. Pelican Wire will be continue to operate the two businesses separately, with Rubadue Wire maintaining its brand, facility, and management team in Greeley, CO.
We are excited to be partnering with a long-time industry player with a great track record in Pelican Wire. We appreciate the work SDR did to complete this transaction.

Sue Welsh

CEO and President of Rubadue Wire