Since 2002, SDR Ventures Has Put Business Owners’ Interests First

Our Motivation

From day one, we set out to build the exceptional team and investment banking services that entrepreneurs deserved. While the landscape of the middle market has changed, SDR’s motivation and focus are steadfast.

Prior to forming SDR (an acronym for “Strategy, Direction, Resources”), founders Chris Bouck and Andy Limes developed the heart and mindset of entrepreneurs as owners of private middle-market companies themselves. After growing and achieving successful exits as operators, both Chris and Andy reflected on their own use of investment banking services and concluded that business owners deserved a better solution-set and service model.

When Chris and Andy teamed up to form SDR, they set out with an ambitious goal: to provide the same caliber of experience, expertise and resources as large national middle-market banks, with the personal touch, effort and attention that clients enjoy at regional and niche banks. Overlaying their experience as operators, their version of an investment bank was designed from inception to meet the diverse needs of growing, private middle-market companies.

A Unique Mix

15 Years Strong - SDR VenturesOver the past 15 years, SDR Ventures has been focused on serving breakthrough and exit-stage companies, and we’ve been fortunate to have incredible clients. We’ve helped form hundreds of millions of dollars of private capital to facilitate growth through acquisitions, expansion of products and services and new geographies; we’ve sourced, structured, negotiated and closed acquisitions for dozens of buy-side clients; and, we’ve helped our clients realize nearly $1 billion of liquidity by helping them maximize value in the exit stage.

Our initial base of two founders has expanded to a team of 21 that includes a well-balanced mix of former operators, bulge bracket investment bankers, CPAs and consultants. We’ve built up a wide-reaching network and strong relationships that have positioned us as thought leaders and transaction experts in 11 industries. And finally, we’ve armed our team with industry-leading systems and processes to best serve our clients.

But through it all, our core goal has stayed the same: to serve private business owners and put their interests first as they strive to build and maximize value in their companies.

A Bigger Impact

As we look toward the next 15 years, we get very excited. In 2017, we will complete our 100th transaction, but we want to make an even larger impact on our underserved market. As better information and education trickles into the middle market, entrepreneurs across the U.S. are seeking exceptional investment banking teams and services. We are there to meet them with unmatched commitment, competence and connectedness to maximize and realize value.

How Can We Help Serve You?

We’d love to put the accumulated experience, expertise and relationships of the last 15 years to work for you. As you look forward to the next 15 years, what future do you envision for your company? How will you get there? Do you have the right team of advisors in place? These are just a few of the essential questions to ask, and we’ve helped numerous companies work through potential solutions. Let’s start the conversation.

We hope you’re as excited for the future as we are.

Chris BouckChris Bouck

Andy LimesAndy Limes