Industry Reports Explore Recent M&A Activity and Key Trends

The SDR team is pleased to release its 4Q 2018 Industry Reports. These reports span several economic sectors including consumer products, food & agriculture, manufacturing & distribution, business services, healthcare and technology.

In creating each report below, we compiled detailed M&A and investment data and analyzed industry-specific developments in order to help you understand what recent M&A and capital market activity may mean for your business and for your clients.

Please click on the buttons below to read each industry’s latest report.

If you’d like to receive SDR’s next industry reports by email, please click here and select the report(s) that interest you, or select “All Industry Reports” to receive all reports in one consolidated digest email. Starting in 2019, all of our Industry Reports will be released on a semiannual basis and will cover industry-specific M&A activity for 2Q and 4Q respectively.

You can also access past industry reports for each industry here.