In July of this year, I was nominated and selected to join a training and networking program for emerging leaders of Denver-area professional services firms.  Sponsored by the Association for Corporate Growth (“ACG”), the ACG Leadership 20 Program is a 10 week course designed to sharpen the leadership skills of a select group of professionals while offering the chance for this next generation of leaders to expand their growing networks.

In the words of ACG:

The “Twenty” is designed for the best emerging leaders of professional services firms. It will equip these leaders with the knowledge and interpersonal and leadership skills necessary to lead project teams and organizational units to higher levels of performance using relationship-focused behaviors.

The Sessions are active, fun and practice-based. Participants will be able to immediately apply what they learn in each session to everyday situations. Each session sets a context for effective leadership behavior based on best practices. Each session then provides an experiential-based exercise or case that is both engaging and “reality-based”. Sessions conclude with a discussion focused on the practical application of the learned leadership skills.

In addition, this group will form a peer group of contemporaries that we hope will become a nucleus of their professional networks for years to come.

Knowing the type of quality programs sponsored by ACG and the quality professional service firms and intermediaries that comprise the Denver chapter of ACG, I not only accepted the invitation but was honored to be a part of this year’s class of 22 emerging Denver-area leaders.

The first session was held at the University of Denver on September 17, 2009 and the concluding session was held on November 18, 2009.  Over the course of the 7 Sections, the participants participated in lectures, discussions and workshops led by Les Makepeace and Scott McLagan that were aimed at building a robust leadership toolkit.  In addition to receiving this leadership training, the participants networked and formed relationships within the Denver deal community.

Above all else, I am honored and humbled to be a part of this all-star roster of emerging Denver-area leaders.   I look forward to building on the tools and relationships developed during the program and would encourage all emerging leaders in the M&A community to be a part of the ACG Leadership 20 Class of 2010.