A recent column in the Chronicle of Higher Education pointed out the need for the University System to adapt to the changing needs of students today – and to do so seriously and with urgency.

The author, Byron P. White, is a former Journalist and manager for the Chicago Tribune and now a vice president with Cleveland State University. White uses the failure of the newspaper industry to illustrate his point:

“ I began my professional career in 1984 as a newspaper reporter, and after about 10 years, I had ascended to the management ranks of the Chicago Tribune. I recall countless conversations around that time with senior staff and peers at national conferences where we would discuss the powerful forces threatening the industry and how we desperately needed to respond.           

We never really did, at least not sufficiently enough to stem the on slaught of technological advancements, disruption of business models and shifting consumer preferences that have since conspired to pretty much dismantle newspapers as we knew them.”

While White’s call for adaptation is pointed at the University System, the lesson that we’ve learned from the failure of the newspaper industry is one that can be applied anywhere. Shifts in technology, demand, or business models can eventually spell disaster for those who choose to ignore them.

To read White’s full article, please click here.