As a follow up to our recent post on the country’s top five declining industries , here is a list of some of the fastest growing sectors. According to Business Insider and a 2012 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, these are 14 industries set to boom over the next decade:

  1. Community and vocational rehabilitation services: in an uncertain job market and with an aging population, these services will come into higher demand.
  2. Facilities support services: as the rest of the economy continues to expand, building security, janitorial services and receptionists will grow in tandem.
  3. Other professional, scientific and support services: as the economy grows and becomes more complex, services that support white collar jobs will be in demand.
  4. Commercial and industrial machinery and equipment rental and leasing: while factory workers are becoming fewer, those who sell or rent machinery are in a position of growth.
  5. Construction: while the construction industry hasn’t fully recovered, it is coming back at a rapid pace.
  6. Software publishers: producers, distributors and those in support roles in the software industry will be in higher demand.
  7. Offices of health practitioners: an aging population will require more doctors and general practitioners.
  8. Outpatient, laboratory and other ambulatory care services: again an aging population and increasingly complex technology will fuel growth in this industry.
  9. Cement and concrete product manufacturing: as a periphery of the steadily growing construction industry, this sector is also set for a boom.
  10. Computer systems design and related services: new jobs for developers, programmers and technical support roles are on the rise.
  11. Veneer, plywood and engineered wood product manufacturing: the recent comeback of residential building and industrial growth is helping to boost the engineered wood product industry.
  12. Management, scientific and technical consulting services: an increasingly complex global economy is giving rise to the demand for consulting services.
  13. Individual and family services: Americans are hiring more people to take care of people, and this sector is experiencing healthy job growth.
  14. Home healthcare Services: as baby boomers continue to age, in-home nursing and care services will continue to grow in demand.

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