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Looking back at the last two years, we can see that the U.S. Healthcare Industry responded to the extreme challenge of the Covid pandemic with extraordinary resilience and innovation. While the virus is not fully controlled, the industry is far from the dark spring of 2020, when intensive care units were overflowing and much of the rest of the healthcare system simply froze.

Since SDR’s formation, our team of M&A professionals has been intimately involved in helping business owners achieve their transaction-related goals. In addition to a wide array of successful engagements, SDR Ventures regularly publishes comprehensive reports covering a variety of sub-sectors within the Healthcare Industry including Medical and Dental Devices & Products, Medical Product Distribution, Specialty Providers, Pharma Services, Practice Management, Provider Services, Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) and Long-term and Behavioral Care.

In recent years, the SDR Ventures team has completed numerous transactions throughout the Healthcare Industry. While SDR Ventures has an accomplished track record of guiding business owners throughout the broader Healthcare Industry, we continue to strive for excellence in all areas of the lower middle market and provide all of our clients with the resources they deserve during the most impactful financial decisions of their lives.

Scott Mitchell, Managing Director at SDR Ventures commented, “SDR is very thankful for the continued support and partnership opportunities from the team at Axial. While we are incredibly pleased with the recognition we have received for helping business owners in the Healthcare Industry thus far, we continue to look forward to advocating on behalf of our business-owning clients moving forward.”

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