The Industrials Industry has long been one of the most active M&A sectors in the lower middle market. Hard assets, relatively predictable cash flows, and large amounts of market share fragmentation are three of many reasons that private equity grew up in the 1970s and 1980s so disproportionately focused on industrial businesses.

Industrial business owners are all too familiar with the need to adapt to change. Rapidly evolving digital trends already materializing well before the pandemic, kept business owners constantly on their toes. Either move fast, or lose customers to the competition.

Like so many other industries, the pandemic accelerated these trends. Business owners who understand the operating environment and make good decisions fast will survive and even thrive.

SDR Ventures’ extensive experience in the Industrials Industry includes successful engagements and comprehensive coverage in a variety of sub-sectors including Manufacturing and Distribution & Logistics. SDR’s Founders, Andy Limes and Chris Bouck, both have years of professional experience in the industrials space as owners and operators. As SDR Ventures nears its 20th anniversary, the team remains close to the space as it continues to provide business owners with the resources they need to achieve their goals.

While SDR is incredibly proud of our clients’ success in these sectors, we continue to strive for excellence in all areas of the lower middle market and provide all of our clients with the resources they deserve during the most impactful financial decisions of their lives. To learn more about SDR’s Industrials Industry experience, please click here.

“The SDR Ventures team is proud to accept this recognition from Axial as it demonstrates our teams’ continued commitment to serving the individual needs of our clients. It is truly a testament of our firm’s core purpose, our promise to our clients and our passion for helping business owners achieve their goals,” commented Scott Mitchell, Director at SDR Ventures.

To learn more about Axial’s coverage of the Industrials Industry and access a complete list of the 50 recipients, please click here.

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