A recent Internet trends update by Mary Meeker of Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, highlighted the rapidly evolving web landscape.

We found Meeker’s analysis of Big Data Trends (slides 60 through 90) particularly interesting. Data collection uploading, sharing and analysis have changed in dramatic ways over the past several years. The amount of usable data is on the rise and still growing at incredible rates.

Big Data is changing the way we perform a number of daily tasks. From interacting with friends and colleagues, to navigating rush-hour traffic, to finding a restaurant in a new city, data is becoming increasingly more important each time we open an app on our smartphone or tablet.

This impact is not limited to screen-based activities. For many consumers, data is even changing the way we exercise, listen to music and manage our finances.

What is your reaction to the evolving nature of Big Data? Do you embrace it, adding convenience to your travel, work and everyday living? Or do you fear it as an invasion of your privacy?

A full version of Meeker’s presentation can be found here:

Internet Trends 2014 by Mary Meeker