To all those that participated in the survey, thank you for contributing to the production of meaningful results.

Q4 2012 Theme – “Optimism on the Rise”

2013 seems to be off to a good start! An astonishing 84% of SDR’s clients and contacts indicated that they believe business conditions in 2013 will be either the same or better than last year.  More people are optimistic about the New Year; only 16% of respondents stated that conditions will be worse. It seems as though the tone for 2013 has been set, and it’s one of hope.


A similar poll by the Denver Business Journal (DBJ) asked readers how they expected their businesses will do this year compared to last, and 74% of those respondents thought that 2013 would be about the same or better.  SDR responders are a little more positive than the general population who think this year will be worse (16% of SDR contacts vs. 25% of DBJ readers).  Overall, it is encouraging to see businesses looking on the bright side, and we wish everyone the best of luck in 2013!