We would like to start by thanking those that participated in the survey and contributed to the production of meaningful results.

 Q2 2013 Theme – “Present & Future”

A whopping 77% of SDR’s clients and contacts indicated that they primarily view their business as a current source of income and future source of wealth.  It’s clear that our contacts are deeply invested in the present and future returns their businesses afford them.

Business Owners Poll Results

We understand that there are many reasons why people start and own their own companies; we do, however, find it interesting that most owners do not primarily view their companies as a source of independence.

While terms like “independence”, “self-determination,” and “freedom” have always been considered as a main motivation for people to begin their own businesses, our survey seems to dispel the notion that entrepreneurs own their businesses to be their own bosses.  Our survey results correspond with a 2009 study, by the Kauffman Foundation, that found that the biggest single motivation for starting a fast-growth business is wealth creation.