At last week’s Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference, hosted by the Association for Corporate Growth, Experts discussed the good and the bad of Colorado’s M&A market. A recent article in the Denver Business journal provided a nice summary of the event.

Regulations were a hot topic of discussion at the conference, as investors continue to navigate the barrage of new regulations that have cropped up since the economic downturn. The new rules have come at the expense of time, efficiency and compliance costs, making it more difficult than ever to execute profitable deals.

But despite the frustration over regulations, the M&A outlook for Colorado remains positive. According to panelists at the conference, Colorado is an attractive market for top talent with innovative companies and a great investment banking and private equity community. In fact, Colorado is known as an industry leader when it comes to relationship building between investors and companies, a trend that is catching on nationwide.

This year marked the 11th annual Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference. Please visit the Denver Business Journal to read the full article.