Special Edition: Get To Know the SDR Team

For this edition of our blog series “Get to Know the SDR Team,” we sat down with Technology Associate Jeremy Bannon to see what he enjoys doing in his free time and to learn more about his life prior to joining SDR.

Life in the WaterJeremy-Bannon-3

Long before Jeremy began his career in the sales and technology sector, he spent years pursuing a different passion: swimming.  As a child, Jeremy enjoyed being active and playing sports, most notably swimming and basketball. At age 12, Jeremy began swimming competitively and quickly found that he had quite a knack for it. As years passed he became increasingly competitive, eventually earning himself a scholarship to the University of Cincinnati for swimming and diving.

In 1992, Jeremy headed from Arizona to Cincinnati to begin his four-year career as a collegiate athlete. While he competed in a variety of events, his favorite and most competitive event was the freestyle. While at the University of Cincinnati, Jeremy became close friends with his teammates, which made his experience as a student athlete all the more enjoyable. Even more important, Jeremy met his wife while attending school.  Jeremy and his wife got married in 1999 in Cincinnati, where they would stay until 2012 before moving back to his wife’s home state of Colorado.

Colorado Bound!

Jeremy-Bannon-2The move back to Colorado was a welcome change as Jeremy and his wife began to settle down and start their own family. Colorado also comes with its own unique perks. In their free time, Jeremy and his family enjoy taking advantage of some of Colorado’s wonderful offerings. Whether it’s biking on a warm spring day or getting some fresh tracks with the family at one of Colorado’s many ski resorts, Jeremy and his family love being outdoors.

The move to Colorado also provided Jeremy with a chance to switch careers and pursue a new path. In his early years as a working professional, Jeremy shared his love for swimming with others in his community, working as a club swim team coach for over 15 years! After years serving as a coach, Jeremy began working as an Enterprise Relationship Manager for a global telecom company where he was responsible for new business development and maintaining relationships in the enterprise customer space.

A Fresh Perspective for SDRJeremy-Bannon-1

This new career path is what would eventually lead Jeremy to begin working at SDR Ventures. His experience in relationship management, and the technology that helps support it, has helped SDR improve and streamline its technology and client outreach efforts. We sat down with Jeremy as he explained to us why he enjoys the technology and business development sectors so much. He told us that he is process driven by nature and takes satisfaction in continually striving for improvement. The multifaceted nature of business development allows for long-term relationships to be formed and built upon.

Jeremy also explained the enjoyment he finds in the personal element of business development: working with clients face-to-face and developing a long-term and trusting relationship is something he truly enjoys. In the future, Jeremy wishes to continue to improve his skills and knowledge of business development and technology and he enjoys staying current with best practices by participating in trainings and earning certifications.

The Next Lap?

Now settled down in Colorado, Jeremy has no immediate plans on moving and wants to continue to enjoy time with his wife and their 11-year-old son. Whether he is out playing basketball with his son, biking in the spring or skiing in the winter, there is no doubt Jeremy has found himself a new home!