SDR Ventures is pleased to announce its recent sponsorship of the “Colorado – State of Owner Readiness Report”. This report was created by the Colorado Employee Ownership Office with support from the Exit Planning Institute (EPI). The findings in this report are the result of a comprehensive survey distributed to business owners across the state of Colorado. The survey covered an array of topics stemming from exit planning, including how prepared Colorado business owners are to leave their businesses, and important tools, options, and resources business owners should be aware of. After months of conducting research, the survey resulted in a collection of valuable data from over 400 Colorado business owners.

The Exit Planning Institute regularly publishes high-quality content for business owners contemplating an exit, including State of Owner Readiness Reports. To access reports covering additional geographies, click here.

While we encourage you to read the full report, our team has identified a few key metrics that stand out:

  • 95% of owners agree or strongly agree that having a transition strategy is important
  • Yet 68% of owners indicate they have spent minimal time and attention on their exit
    • For business owners that said they have done “little or no prep for exit planning”, 32% pointed to being too busy operating the business
  • 52% of business owners indicate they want to transition their business within the next 5 years
    • Again, 68% of owners are not familiar with all of their transition options

EPI SOOR Preview

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