According to the Denver Business Journal, the Denver branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas city recently released a report that lists the key industries in Colorado.

The Kansas City Fed’s report compared industries’ concentration of employees in Colorado with the rest of the nation. Industries with the highest share of local employees were considered key industries.

According to the report, Colorado’s key industries, ranked in order, are:

  1. Mining and logging
  2. Information
  3. Construction
  4. Leisure and hospitality
  5. Professional and business services
  6. Financial activities
  7. Government
  8. Other services

While these rankings represent the highest concentration of employees locally versus nationally, they do not necessarily represent industries with the most overall employees in Colorado. For example, while mining and logging ranked first in this report, retail accounts for a higher total number of Colorado employees. More than ten percent of Colorado employees work in retail.

To read the Denver Business Journal’s article, please click here.

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