SDR Ventures One of the First 50 Investment Banks to Successfully Close a Deal During the Global Pandemic 

Axial COVID Badge

The entire world has been turned upside down by COVID-19. It has not spared the lower middle market’s entrepreneurs and the ecosystem of dealmakers and critical service providers.

Some buyers have retrenched, others became even more active. Some investment bankers have put deals on hold, others have continued to be proactive. Some lenders have raised new funds to capitalize on the opportunity, others have “taken shelter for the moment.”

To recognize those organizations that have found a way to overcome the obstacles and get deals done in these unprecedented circumstances, Axial has introduced the COVID-19 Closed Deal Badge and the first 50 recipients.

The entire team at SDR Ventures is proud to accept this recognition from Axial as it symbolizes the level of commitment we strive to bring to each of our clients. While economic and social disruptions (like COVID-19) will inevitably pose hardships to business owners looking to achieve their transaction goals, SDR Ventures will continue to stand by our commitment to serve as client advocates and not deal advocates.

The deal that SDR Ventures closed an extremely complex multi-company consolidation in the Infrastructure Services industry.  The transaction, which closed in mid-July, was initially set to occur in March with a different buyer. When the original buyer backed out at the final hour, SDR quickly pivoted and successfully closed the deal in 104 days from initial contact with the new buyer.  SDR will have more on this transaction when the deal is formally announced.

“We are very proud of the fact that our team continues to fight for our clients through the unprecedented global challenges caused by COVID-19 and that we remain laser-focused on successfully getting the right deals done on their behalf.  We are very grateful for the continued recognition from the team at Axial,” commented Scott Mitchell, Director at SDR Ventures.

To learn more and access a complete list of the first 50 recipients, please click here.

The SDR Team is also pleased to announce that SDR has been recognized as the #4 investment bank in Axial’s Top 20 Lower Middle Market Investment Banks in Q2. The winners are based on Axial’s league tables, which take into account three main characteristics: client quality, buy-side targeting, and process effectiveness.

For a complete list of Q2 2020 finalists, please click here.

About Axial’s Q2 2020 Lower Middle Market League Tables

Axial Top IB Badge 2020

Unlike traditional league table structures that have remained the same for years, with firms being assessed against deal volume and deal dollar volume, Axial league tables surface data on investment banks that reveal their selectivity, the relative attractiveness of their client’s businesses, and their overall sell-side process efficacy.

The investment banks at the top of the Axial league table are leaders across the following three categories:

  • Client Quality: Buy-side demand for engagements represented by the advisor.
  • Buy-Side Targeting: The advisor’s ability to balance selectivity, accuracy, and breadth when identifying potential buyers.
  • Process Effectiveness: The advisor’s ability to generate positive outcomes for their client.

For CEOs and dealmakers in the lower middle market, these league tables are a useful barometer to measure how an investment bank ranks against its peers, and how effective it is in financing and selling lower middle market businesses in various sectors. Together, the Top 20 investment banks are those who work with the most in-demand clients; balance breadth, selectivity, and accuracy in the buyers they engage; and generate the largest number of positive outcomes for their clients.