A recent Forbes article by Rich Karlgaard brings up an important point about the health and future of the U.S. economy. There are those who would have us accept our current economic state and unemployment rates as the new normal. According to Karlgaard, this would be like falling into a ditch, painting it, decorating it and calling it home.

Despite an increase in spending and the burden of unnecessary federal regulations heaped on by recent presidential administrations, Americans are poised and ready for change in 2012. Sick of an overreaching federal government, Karlgaard expresses his confidence that change will come to tax and regulatory policy.

Americans don’t need to settle and most of us still have a strong desire to improve our economy and ourselves. Americans were also told in 1937 to accept the new normal. We’re certainly glad they didn’t. We won’t be making our home in the ditch this time either.

The full article can be found here at Forbes.com