We love ABC’s Shark Tank, and we’re guessing you do to. When you combine great (or not-so-great) ideas, quirky/fun entrepreneurs and the ever-present pursuit of the American Dream, it’s pure magic. The only problem: it’s not on every day. That’s where “Big Pitch Radio” comes in!

Big Pitch Radio, which debuted this January on the BizTalkRadio network, is a new radio concept where you can hear developing companies make pitches for financial investments, listen to stories of success from established CEOs and learn valuable information from expert guests every day of the week.

Big Pitch Radio ShowPlus, the show is a great way to get to know SDR in more depth. SDR Ventures is featured in the “expert guest” portion of the show every Monday. Podcasts are typically available the next day at bigpitchradio.com/past-shows.

Check out a few of our featured episodes:

March 9 (Episode 45)

  • Interview: Sherlanda Brooks of Diversity Sourcing Solutions
  • Sergio Gutierrez, Director at SDR Ventures, discusses preparing your company for a sale.
  • Shauna Bennett pitches Stay “N” Your Lane T-Shirts

March 2 (Episode 40)

  • Interview: Al Levine of Pittsburgh Sportsline
  • Sergio Gutierrez, Director at SDR Ventures, dives into small business trends and the NFIB Index.
  • Richard Jaffe pitches RealizeX

February 2 (Episode 20)

  • Interview: Jenny Capella of JennyCapella.com
  • Chris Bouck, Principal at SDR Ventures, explains the importance of putting financial controls in place and having a great team behind your company.
  • Larry Walker pitches Paint Me Clean

For a full list of past episodes, visit bigpitchradio.com/past-shows and be sure to follow SDR on the show every Monday.


Big Pitch Radio currently airs live weekdays at 3PM ET in 31 markets across the U.S. These markets include Boston, Oklahoma City, Wichita, Spokane, Eugene and numerous locations in Tennessee and Mississippi. You can also listen live online via Biz Talk Radio. Podcasts of every episode are available at bigpitchradio.com.

If you’re a CEO interested in sharing your experiences on the show, or, if you’re looking to “pitch” your growing company for an investment, please click here for more information.

SDR Ventures is a proud sponsor of Big Pitch Radio.