In our attempt for our clients and contacts to get to know the SDR team a little better we have created a blog series “Get to know the SDR Team.”  In this post, we are happy to introduce Ben Rudman at SDR Ventures.

Ben is our fitness guru, from helping team members create exercise plans to insightful nutrition advice, he is SDR’s go to guy for bodybuilding expertise.  Two years ago Ben began training for powerlifting competitions, unfortunately he had a serious injury occur which sidelined his powerlifting career.  After his injury he got into CrossFit training, but the call of powerlifting kept calling his name.  Recently, Ben got back into the circuit and competed in his first ever Powerlifting meet, the Rocky Mountain State Games 2013 (USAPL).

The atmosphere was exhilarating for Ben, being around people who love powerlifting and having lifters who were willing to help a “noob” like him out made his first meet a memorable experience. Preparation was mental and physical, but Ben’s hard work and training paid off!  Powerlifting consists of 3 events: squat, bench and deadlift. Each lift must meet the technical form standards of 3 judges. Each lifter gets 3 attempts at a one-rep-max in each lift, and whoever posts the highest total, wins. See his stats below:

Weigh In: 85kg, or 189 lbs.

Ben had some stiff competition with 10 others in this weight class, but it also made for a more exciting contest.


1. He opened with 165kg/363lbs. (In perspective that is the size of an average black bear)

2. His next attempt he took the jump to 175kg/385lbs., and smoked it!

3. Feeling confident he had a chance at bronze, Ben played it safe and went to 182.5kg/402lbs. He killed it.

Best Squat: 182.5kg/402lbs.


1. Ben opened with 265lbs. to play it safe. But unfortunately was penalized for moving before the start command.

2. Second attempt, at 265lbs., crushed it!

3. For his final bench Ben increased his weight 285lbs, but couldn’t quite make it. Bummer L

Best Bench: 120kg/265lbs.



This is how Ben originally got his injury, so he trained cautiously, and apprehensively began his final event.

1. Feeling a little uneasy he opened with 175kg/385lbs – destroyed it

2. Now that his confidence was increasing he jumped to 182.5/402lbs., and once again came out victorious.

3. Realizing that he needed to lift 197.5kg to reach his goal, he got fired up and put that on for his last attempt. He went out there and absolutely obliterated it (probably could have even lifted another 20kg).

Best DL: 197.5kg/435lbs.

All in all, Ben ended the meet at a total of 500kg/1102lbs., which was good enough for 4th place out of 10. For a first competition, that is amazing!  He is now gearing up for his next meet in December in which he hopes to beat his 500kg score.

We are very proud of Ben, his dedication to the sport is truly admirable. If we ever decide to host the SDR Office Olympics, we are glad to have him on our team.  So next time you see Ben, congratulate him on his 4th place finish and ask to see him bench press the heaviest item near you. And keep following the SDR blog and get to know our other team members.