Round 3 of our blog series “Get to know the SDR Team,” introduces Mindy Headrick, Office Manager here at SDR Ventures.

Mindy joined the SDR team in October of 2012, since then she has become one of the most popular people in the office.  Everyone enjoys being greeted by her welcoming smile and cheerful attitude when they come into the office each day.  Mindy is easy going and can strike up a conversation with anyone about anything, but if you really want to get her talking ask about her latest adventure, completing the Warrior Dash.

Mindy has always been an active person from playing collegiate basketball to competing in body building contests.   She has a love for competition and achievement and constantly setting goals for herself. Combining those traits with her passion for fitness, Mindy along with two friends decided to sign up for the Warrior Dash, the world’s largest obstacle race series.  Taking place on August 17 at Copper Mountain Ski resort, Mindy competed in a 3 mile run that included 12 grueling obstacles such as the Muddy Mayhem, Warrior Roast, Cliff Hanger, Cargo Climb, Great Warrior Wall.  Sound intense? It was!

To prepare for the race Mindy spent her summer training, which comprised of running 3 miles six days and week and boot camp training sessions three times a week for two months.  Come race day she was prepared to climb over 20 foot walls, leap over fires and army crawl through mud filled trenches. Mindy’s training and dedication paid off, she finished with a final time of 36:20 and placed 55 out of 1055 in her age group (740th of 7566 overall participants).  Check out some of her before and after photos (plus an awesome action shot of her jumping over fire!)
Warrior Dash Start Warrior Dash Muscles
Jumping Mindy Warrior Dash Dirty

Mindy is a CHAMP! Congrats to her and her “Warrior Princesses” for putting on an awesome performance.  Next on her list of extreme obstacle races, perhaps the Tough Mudder?  Regardless of she decides to do we all know she will come out victorious. Stayed tuned to the SDR blog and find out what other amazing activities we are involved in.