In week four of the blog series “Get to know the SDR Team,” we spotlight Travis Conway. Those that know Travis will tell you he is knowledgeable on just about everything. That knowledge is fueled by his curiosity and quest of mastery. In 2011, Travis focused his learning on a new sport: road cycling. From starting his own website,, to riding 420 miles through the Rockies, to competing in the Triple Bypass Ride, Travis is “all-in” on cycling. One of his most memorable accomplishments took place on his Hawaiian vacation. Instead of relaxing on the beach; he embarked on a daunting bike ride up a volcano, a ride that most tourists ride down NOT up. Lucky for us, he documented his trek up the volcano. Below are pictures of his journey (and his witty commentary), to what he refers to as a “little bike ride up a hill.”

In his words:
Told that it is customary prior to riding up the “little hill”, you know…just to prove you started at sea level

Bike on the Beach  Sea Level Proof

From 0 ft of elevation to 2,500 ft. Amazing how much quicker/easier this is from behind the computer.

2500 Ft

The road starts to get a little “switchy.” Makes for some cool views…look carefully and you can see the ocean.

Switch Backs

Rest break. Been riding for about an hour and a half. This is the only place to fuel up on this little ride. Powerade and a Cliff Bar. Moving on!

Rest Stop No. 1

At 4,000 feet of elevation. Things were literally and figuratively a bit blurry (15 miles in)

4000 Ft

Switchbacks have come on strong…trees are fading. First sight of the ridgeline to the top of this little hill.  And a friendly reminder… still on the bike.

Journey up the HillStill on a Bike

Oh look, a National Park.

Haleakala National Park

At 7,000 feet. If you’re going to charge a bike $5 to enter the National Park, maybe you could provide more than 3” of bike lane?

7000 Ft

Rest break! Wonder if the Army Corp of Engineers helped plan the sweet view, powerlines and all…
Oh, if you haven’t noticed, we’re now well above the clouds.

Rest Stop No. 2

8,000 feet. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking…this isn’t a “little hill”

8000 Ft

9,000 feet. Eyes on the prize. Sightseeing has now taken a backseat to surviving.

9000 Ft

10,000 feet. Yeah, not a little hill…It’s a VOLCANO. Only catch: real-life volcanoes are way less cool than previously imagined. I was hoping for more magma and more evil.

10000 Ft

Drum roll….

….still drum rolling and building suspense…..

Ta da! 10,023 feet of ascent. Ignore the spandex.


Now the fun part…going down!

View From the Top

I didn’t capture any pictures of the downhill. Guess it’s easier to snap photos riding up at low speeds. Simple out and back route, so imagine the uphill, only in reverse and more blurry.

For those keeping track, Travis is a beast, and we have the stats to prove it:

Distance: 70.30 mi
Elevation Gain: 10,151 ft
Calories: 4,040 C
Total Time: 05:38:22
Avg HR: 153 bpm
Avg Bike Cadence: 73 rpm

Volcano Stats

Travis definitely set the record for the most hard-core cyclist at SDR, and perhaps the record for least relaxing Hawaiian vacation ever. Keep following to see what the other members of the SDR team are capable of, and if you’re into cycling, give Travis a shout out.