A recent article by Cato Institute Cofounder Edward Crane, published in Forbes Magazine, argues for the importance of individual achievement outside of government bureaucracy in order to realize true progress for our economy and nation.

Crane specifically takes aim at today’s popular political rhetoric claiming, “We’re all in this together,” suggesting that government solutions on a national level, to which we all contribute, will bring positive results.

We’re reminded that our current fiscal crisis is directly related to such policies. Things like Social Security and Medicare have not only failed in their mission but have become costly burdens for the American people. And the politically driven agenda to sell homes to those who couldn’t afford them further added to our recent economic situation.

Far from any federally mandated program, the real economic engine of our country is an effort on the part of individual Americans, freely cooperating outside the walls of any sluggish bureaucracy.

Crane’s article can be found at Forbes.com