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Hardware, software and the tech service industry are the driving forces that not only support modern society, but help it to progress into the future. Let us guide you and your company through the technology industry’s complex and competitive landscape. We know the ins and outs of the M&A market, understand the underlying issues and pitfalls and maintain professional relationships with industry leaders. All of these attributes can help you maximize your opportunities and avoid roadblocks while you focus on running a successful business.

We serve owners in all technology segments, including:

  • Enterprise Software / Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Data Analytics
  • IT Services
  • IT Security
  • Data Center Hosting

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Featured Technology Case Study

Miller & Associates and Dedo Interactive - Technology Investment BankSell-Side Advisory

Miller & Associates and Dedo Interactive

Standing Beside Our Clients, Every Step of the Way

Miller & Associates and Dedo Interactive are leading business intelligence and user-experience companies. Through human capital, the Companies developed unique expertise in data warehousing, Big Data and data analytics. SDR Ventures was enlisted as the exclusive sell-side advisor for both Miller & Associates and Dedo Interactive.

As the SDR team began to prepare the Companies for sale, it became evident that the market likely would expect to see additional detail and clarity in the Companies’ financial statements and reporting packages. Fortunately, due to SDR’s financial-minded approach and persistence in the project, we were able to help the Companies fine-tune their financial statements and reporting packages and therefore more confidently bring Miller & Associates and Dedo Interactive to market.

From LOI execution, through buyer diligence and close, the revised financials withstood buyer scrutiny and helped all parties achieve high confidence to close. The deal was ultimately closed with a former owner of an IT consulting company, who was looking to once again enter the space. Because of the closed transaction that SDR helped facilitate, the sellers were able to realize significant value generated through over 10 years of ownership.